ITPGRFA Interrelations with UPOV and WIPO

Saturday, 14 March 2015
ITPGRFA Secretariat

Submissions of information on ITPGRFA interrelations with UPOV and WIPO

The ITPGRFA Secretariat invited submission of information on possible interrelations between the International Treaty, in particular its Article 9 (Farmers’ Rights), and the relevant international instruments of UPOV and WIPO. All inputs received will be brought to the attention of the Ad Hoc Committee on Sustainable Use at its second meeting, which will process the identified interrelations for transmission to UPOV and WIPO. A joint report will then be prepared by a small team of experts, incorporating possible public comments on its first draft. This follows Resolution 8/2013, by which the Governing Body "request[ed] the Secretary to invite UPOV and WIPO to jointly identify possible areas of interrelations among their respective international instruments." The submissions are presented below in the form and language in which they were received by the ITPGRFA Secretariat.


Contracting PartyInternational OrganizationCivil society OrganizationNon-Contracting PartyDate of submissionAttachment

Berne Declaration and Third World Network






South Centre


The Development Fund - Norway


UK Food Group


European Seed Association