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Issue #62

In this issue: UPOV Turns a Deaf Ear to the Concerns of Smallholder Farmers -- New Genomic Techniques and Intellectual Property Law: Challenges and Solutions for the Plant Breeding Sector -- African Perspectives on Agroecology - Why Farmer-led Seed and Knowledge Systems Matter -- Advancing Agrobiodiversity - Why Organisations of Smallholders and Indigenous Peoples are Vital -- African Free Trade Agreements and Intellectual Property

Issue #61

In this issue: Indonesia Maintains its Position not to Accede to UPOV 1991 -- Argentina: Push to Join UPOV 91 Halted for the Time Being -- Zambian Farmers and Human Rights Groups Join the Global Campaign to Protect Farmers’ Seed Systems -- Intellectual Property and the Design of Nature -- A Comprehensive Review on the Impacts of Intellectual Property Rights on the Global Agricultural Economy

Issue #60

In this issue: APBREBES Report on the UPOV October Session 2023 -- No support and legal certainty for small-scale farmers in the Global South -- Cracking the Code: Open-Source Seed and Intellectual Property Rights -- Intellectual Property Exhaustion, Breeders’ Frustration, and Hindered Innovation: Reviewing U.S. Organic Corn Seed Development -- Property Right of Agricultural Biotechnology in Indonesia: Islamic and Western Legal Philosophy

Issue #59

In this issue: What Future for Seeds under the African Free Trade Area? -- Indonesia Must Resist EU's Trade Talk Demands that Undermine Farmers' Rights -- A Re-examination of the 2021 Nigerian Plant Variety Act from the Perspective of Pre-existing Obligations to Protect Plant Varieties -- Seed Systems Development to Navigate Multiple Expectations in Ethiopia, Malawi, and Tanzania -- More Than a Resource - the Social Significance of Local Seed Systems and Seed Exchange in the Global South - The Example of Tanzania -- Cultivating Seed Sovereignty in Tarija, Bolivia

Issue #58

In this issue: The Potential Impact of UPOV 1991 on the Malaysian Seed Sector, Farmers, and Their Practices -- Lesser Food Security, Food Crisis, and Boundaries to Intellectual Property -- Navigating Toward Resilient and Inclusive Seed Systems -- Policies, Laws, and Regulations in Support of Farmer-managed Seed Systems: Still a Long Way to Go -- Benin Says No to UPOV – The Greatest Seed Robbery -- How to Navigate the Complexities of IP in Agriculture: Milestones and Challenges -- Intellectual Property Rights vis-à-vis Food Security: A Critical Analysis

Issue #57

In this issue: Reform backlog – APBREBES Report on the UPOV Spring Session 2023 -- Fewer Choices for Farmers? The Impact of IP on Seeds in the US -- The European Court of Justice protects farmers from excessive compensation for farm-saved seeds -- The implications of UNDROP for the right to seeds in Africa – and a Sustainable World Food System -- How policies influence smallholder farmers’ access to seeds in East Africa -- The impact of Plant Breeders’ Rights in Costa Rica

Issue #56

New Study by APBREBES and the South Centre: The UPOV accession process - Preventing appropriate PVP laws for new members

The study "The UPOV accession process: Preventing appropriate PVP laws for new members", published today by the South Centre and APBREBES, analyses the accession process for countries that want to become members of UPOV and provides both surprising and worrying results.

Issue #55

In this issue: Concentration and IPRs in the Seed Industry: a View From the USA -- Sentence by the Supreme Court of Honduras, declaring the PVP Law unconstitutional -- A critical appraisal of farmers' rights in the plant variety protection law of Bangladesh -- In defense of farmer-saved seeds Current developments in seed laws harmonization in Africa -- Strengths and weaknesses of organized crop seed production by smallholder farmers: A five-country case study -- From Financing Organic Plant Breeding-New Economic Models for Seed as a Commons

Issue #54

In this issue: APBREBES Report on the 2022 UPOV Session -- Seed Activism: Patent Politics and Litigation in the Global South -- The Intellectual Property Protection for Plant Related Innovation - Fit for Future -- In defense of farmer saved seeds -- Food Barons 2022: Crisis Profiteering, Digitalization and Shifting Power -- From land enclosures to lab enclosures: digital sequence information, cultivated biodiversity and the movement for open source seed systems

Issue #53

In this issue: Implementing the International Treaty (ITPGRFA) in light of UNDROP -- Farmers, Seeds & the Laws: Importing the Chilling Effect Doctrine -- The Interface between Plant Variety Protection and Food Security: An Indian Experience -- Protection and Restriction of Grain-Related IP Rights in the Context of Food Security